Garden State Industrial Linings and Coatings Bedliner Photos



Truck Bed Spray Lining

  • Prevent rust and corrosion in addition to everyday wear and tear
  • Anti-stick coating available for easy cleanup
  • Anti-slip coating available to prevent load from sliding

Industrial Coatings

  • Prevent termite, ant, other insects damage
  • Prevent rot due to water erosion
  • Prevent chipping and breaking - coating bonds tightly and holds brittle surfaces together

Boat and Marine Spray Lining

  • Prevent rock and sea-life impact damage
  • Solid poly seal prevents leakages
  • Provides non-adhesive surface so aquatic life will not attach to hull

Spray On Clear Bra

  • Etches through paint and into surface
  • Prevents debris from damaging vehicle
  • Easily applied with zero overspray

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Jeff Powells connection to Spray-Lining is his knowledge of all relevant spray equipment like Graco & GlasCraft, how & why competing vendors use equipment as collateral only to finance their dlrshp sales. "Rhino, LINE-X, ArmorThane, all Spray on-Lining competition in fact do not depend on specialized equip of these brands", Powell clarifies. Jeff Powell educated me on why all Polyurea formulas will go through Spray-Lining's equipment which include new & all rebuilt Graco or GlasCraft models along with Binks, Wiwa, as well as equip remanufactured by Spray-Lining Support. "The Probler gun configures easily with many High Pressure & certain Low Pressure systems". Powell instructs all Spray on-Lining applicators how & where to obtain parts, create repairs, maintain & rebuild old, outdated name brand models to function like new.
Jeff explains what a scam it is to require specific equip "only sold by that brand" to apply that brand of bedliner. Both the equip & the polyurea types are not unique", Powell claims. Spray-Lining has sold All Graco, GlasCraft, Binks, Wawe; most brands, models & types of spray-lining equip long before the advent of any bedliner dlrshp... In fact in order to finance an Equipment Lease, soft good like spray linings & coatings must accompany equip because this is the bank's (lessor's) & lessee's collateral... Powell knew The main reason specific brands of equip models are required to be a Line-X, Rhino or other branded dlr is for financing & control; to keep you buying their brand as you deplete your stock which may've been leased but repeat orders of coatings cannot be financed because they're soft goods...
Finally, because Spray-Lining finances in-house, with Powell & other support guys there buyING & rebuilding most spray equip, that made Garden State more competitive to beat brands like Line-X. Its the exact same product as Line-X, spec-wise, through equip thats less than half the price...
As for Green Technology in Coatings, Powell provides that Spray-Lining Solution with his Support Team: They Incorporate Zero Isocianates, Zero VOC, that is in all North American Jurisdictions as the main Alternative manufactured by Spray-Lining. This safety issue got Garden State into food-grade, water & liquid containment tank linings & coating as well as the, "Lining & Coating Service" itself. We also distribute polyurea formulas just as Line-X, etc brands except for a much lower price than Line-X dlrs pay...