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Restoration Services After Hurricane Sandy


Professional, quality spray on protective coatings in central and south New Jersey (including Somerville and Trenton). We handle industrial spray lining jobs to truck bed liners (single vehicle or fleet). We can complete all of your job requirements. Our industry expert staff can assist you with any type of job application you need to complete.

Spray Bedliner Dealerships in New Jersey

We are the north east New Jersey distributor. At this time there are 2 dealerships available in North-Central New Jersey, and Jersey Shore zones. No other spray on bed lining or industrial spray lining company can compete with our prices. As a Spray-Lining applicator you get exclusive access to our dealer pricing, professional crews and customer service. Call us now for a quote or information on what you need.

Protective Window Coatings like ClearBra, 3M, ClearMask

Don't forget to ask about our newest product, spray on clear paint protection coating. Don't settle for less durable, expensive solutions such as products like 3M Ventureshield paint protection film. Our product is more affordable, lasts longer, and is backed by our lifetime warranty. We even beat prices of low-cost competitors like ClearBra, the main competitor to 3M, and ClearMask, cheaper alternative that also uses the stick on film method. Our products sprays on so it etches into the main surface under even paint.

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Spray Bedliner Corporate

Spray-Lining is a Spray Bedliner company dedicated to high quality polyurea, polyurethane and polyurea hybrid coatings